About Me

Kev Sidford

Hi I’m Kev, I was born, and then got old. Somewhere, along the way I did a few things like doing 22 years in the Army where I was educated in the important things – like the refined art of enjoying a fine wine.

Then I got to travel around the globe introducing youngsters to this fascinating planet and did some really important stuff like repairing schools and helping desperately poor communities to have a marginally better life. So here I am now doing this photography thing, I have had the odd bit of recognition for my work and had the odd articles published.

The really boring stuff about me is that I am currently a Director of an internationally recognised mountaineering association, a Technical Advisor for the world’s oldest expedition company. I also have some of those things called post-nominal letters FRGS and PGradDip but that is not important.

Not sure at what I do best but really good at recording your journey.